Regeneration Update

11 APR, 2019 | Tāmaki News

TRC takes a neighbourhood-by-neighbourhood approach to understand the specific needs, opportunities and challenges of each area and the families who live there. Development work is well underway in Glen Innes, with early construction activities also starting in Pt England and Panmure.

We understand construction works can be very disruptive. We are committed to working with the local community and will make sure residents are informed about what’s happening at each stage of the programme.

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Fenchurch neighbourhood (A)

Approximately 400 new homes will be built in the Fenchurch neighbourhood in the next three years.

About 140 houses have been completed so far, with many residents enjoying their warm, dry homes. Based on a suggestion from residents, an early learning centre called Glenbrae KIDS was opened in Glen Innes in 2015. The old scout hall was also refurbished and is now a community hall called Te Whare Piringa – Our Place.

House construction is continuing on the large site next to Tāmaki College and on the Fenchurch Park site directly across the road, with a number of houses now completed. Civil construction on the remaining sites is finished and all new homes are expected to be completed in 2020. A new pocket park on Aveline Place is also being worked on for the community.

Overlea neighbourhood (B)

Over 130 new homes will be built in the Overlea neighbourhood, with house building underway in Overlea Central. The masterplan for northern Overlea is currently being reconsidered due to changes in the development boundaries.

Line/Epping neighbourhood (D)

Following neighbourhood sessions with residents, the Line/Epping neighbourhood will see the construction of over 100 new, quality homes and improved connections between the existing neighbourhood and Taniwha Reserve.

Demolition work has been completed and civil construction is well underway with house building expected to start in mid-2019. Works include the installation of infrastructure like stormwater and sewerage systems and the building of new roads and pathways. Three existing houses have also been moved to Line Road adjacent to Taniwha Reserve from elsewhere in the neighbourhood. These will be fully renovated and refurbished.

Northern Glen Innes neighbourhood (F)

Development partner Creating Communities has completed their latest project, the Melling Street terraces - of 14 terraced homes close to Glen Innes shops and railway station. The properties have proven very popular with purchasers. The Creating Communities team have just started work on two sites in Castledine Crescent which will feature 10 unique homes.

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Wai o Taiki Bay (G)

Creating Communities has two show homes available for viewing at 24b Fernwood Place and 2 Lyndhurst Street. The last five homes on Fernwood Place have now been completed and are also available to view.

Many sales are happening before properties are completed. Taniwha Street has seen the construction of 12 new properties, with the first four ready by the end of March 2019. Four new four-bedroom homes on the corner of Silverton and Lyndhurst streets have all sold ahead of completion, along with two homes on Kotae Road. A further six homes have just started construction at 283 and 311 West Tāmaki Road.

For more information, visit or drop by the Creating Communities sales office at 125 Apirana Ave for a chat.

Farringdon Street development

This small development is located at 71-75 Farringdon Street. The three existing houses have been demolished and are being redeveloped into 11 new homes, with completion expected by June 2019.


Hinaki neighbourhood (E)

Over the next four years, approximately 50 state housing sites along parts of Pilkington Road, Tripoli Road, Torino Street, Parata Street and Hinaki Street will be developed into a mix of state, affordable and private market homes. Demolition activity has been completed across the first development stage, with civil works due to be finished by mid-2019.

Demolition on stage two has also begun, with civil works scheduled to begin in October 2019.

Tamatea Avenue development This small development is located at 7-11 Tamatea Avenue and involves the redevelopment of three existing houses into 10 new homes.

The new homes are expected to be terraced houses, spread evenly across the three sites. Construction activities began in mid-2018, with new homes expected to be completed in August 2019.


Derna/Tobruk neighbourhood (C)

Approximately 100 new houses will be built in the Derna/Tobruk area, with 19 new homes planned for the first stage around Sollum and Tobruk roads. Houses in the first stage have now been demolished. All new homes in the Derna/Tobruk neighbourhood are expected to be completed by the end of 2021.

Armein neighbourhood (H)

The Armein neighbourhood is expected to include 60 new warm, dry homes. These will be a mixture of state, affordable and private market homes built in a range of styles, including houses, apartments and duplexes.

Construction is expected to take place in three stages, starting in lower Dunkirk Road and then progressing into Armein Road. House demolition is complete in lower Dunkirk Road and underway in Armein Road.