From State Housing to Home Ownership

From state housing to home ownership

14 APR, 2019 | Tāmaki News

Longtime Tāmaki residents the Tasipale family have banded together to purchase a new home with help from the Housing Foundation and Tāmaki Regeneration.

Housing and Urban Development Minister Phil Twyford welcomed the Tasipale family to their very own home in March.

One News were there to capture the moment as the minister braved the pouring rain to congratulate the family on such a huge achievement – buying their own home. The family had been living in state housing for 39 years. Their journey to home ownership started in 2016 when they joined TRC’s Pathways to Housing Independence programme, a financial capability programme delivered in partnership with NZ Housing Foundation.

“They explained the certain packages that they had there, social housing, shared home ownership, or outright buy your house, based on your income. TRC was really, really friendly and encouraged us to go do the workshops. The focus was on getting the people who lived in the area to try and stay in the area,” says Andrew Tasipale.

When the family discovered they were the right fit for Shared Home Ownership, they started to get excited. “It made us think, time for us to start saving really hard, to focus on our goal, and make sure we have enough money for our first home,” says Julie. “A lot of families these days look at their income and think that they won’t be able to do anything, it’s just too expensive, it’s out of their reach. We did the workshop and they showed us that it’s not actually out of our reach. With a little bit of hard saving and staying debt free, and just keeping an eye on what you’re spending, you can achieve the deposit that’s needed,” says Andrew.

The family pulled together with their two adult children to buy, using the Housing Foundation’s Shared Ownership product, their new four-bedroom home, which the foundation also built, in Fenchurch, Glen Innes. TRC chief executive John Holyoake says the organisation is working to make sure there are affordable houses available for families to purchase as part of the broad regeneration approach in Tāmaki. “It’s really important to us to support the aspirations of the Tāmaki community to become more economically independent, and ultimately, if possible, to become homeowners. In Fenchurch, we’re working closely with the NZ Housing Foundation to make this happen,” he says.

Housing Foundation general manager operations Dominic Foote says they expect to have completed 12 houses in Fenchurch by May. They will start building a further 58 houses in April, and anticipate these to be complete by mid-2020.

“Local families are moving into these houses using the Housing Foundation’s market tested and accepted Shared Ownership and Affordable Rent to Own housing products,” he says. “Nationwide, we have helped over 300 households who have working incomes, but are trapped renting, to transition in to one of our ownership tenures. During this time over 110 households have transitioned to become outright owners of their homes,” he says.

Andrew Tasipale says he can still hardly believe he is now a homeowner. “It’s like buying a car - you don’t actually believe that you own the car until you’ve got the key and it’s sitting in the garage and driving out the driveway – not that you can drive a house out the driveway! Same sort of feeling I guess.”