Welcome to 2nd edition of Mai Tāmaki

2 NOV, 2018 | Tāmaki News

Welcome to the second edition of Mai Tāmaki. This local magazine is brought to you by Tāmaki Regeneration (TRC), the company managing the 20-year programme to regenerate the suburbs of Glen Innes, Point England and Panmure.

There’s been a lot going on over the past few months. The Tāmaki Jobs and Skills Hub has now supported more than 400 people into work, a phenomenal outcome for a small team located in Mayfair Place in Glen Innes. The team also provides upskilling opportunities and driver licence training.

We were proud to sponsor the Matariki Light Trail in Maybury Reserve again this winter. It was great to see so many families enjoying a wander through the light train and gathering to watch the cultural performances at Te Oro.

TRC has recently partnered with HLC, Housing New Zealand’s development company. Together, we will combine our strengths to deliver the mixed housing redevelopment in Tāmaki. You may have noticed there are a number of houses nearing completion in Glen Innes around Fenchurch and Taniwha streets. In the coming months, we’ll be making a start on our first neighbourhood in Panmure between Tripoli and Tobruk roads.

- John Holyoake, CEO  Tāmaki Regeneration (TRC)