Over 400 new homes will be built in the Fenchurch neighbourhood, including a mix of state, affordable and private market housing. More than 200 houses, including over 80 state homes have been completed so far. The park on Aveline Place has also been completed, with the naming process underway.

Current projects include the Fenchurch Park development, bordered by Fenchurch Street, Leybourne Circle and Sunnymead Road. TRC has partnered with RAWA and GJ Gardner to redevelop this area, which includes approximately 150 houses, with over 50 houses still to be completed.

RAWA and GJ Gardner are also the development partners for the area south of Taniwha Street, around Kestrel Place and Kiano Place. This redevelopment will include approximately 70 homes, ranging from 2-5 bedrooms in size.

The NZ Housing Foundation (NZHF) completed 30 new homes in Fenchurch recently, with another 40 to come in the next few years. The Foundation is focusing its building efforts around Sunnymead Road, Taniwha Street and Mansfield Street.

An existing walkway is being upgraded into a linear park called Wākāinga Walk, between Sunnymead Road and Taniwha Street. This park is designed to provide safe passage for pedestrians. 

House construction is also continuing on the eastern side of Tāmaki College through Classic Builders, where a total of 20 homes are being completed.

New community facilities in Fenchurch neighbourhood

Based on feedback from Fenchurch residents, two community facilities were included in the Fenchurch neighbourhood development.

Te Whare Piringa community hall

Te Whare Piringa – Our Place (the former scout hall) has become a hub of activity and networking since opening in early 2015, with groups still using it for a variety of activities.

Glenbrae KIDS Early Learning Centre

Glenbrae KIDS Early Learning Centre, which opened in April 2015, is at capacity, with 60 children enrolled. The centre was co-funded by TRC and the Ministry of Education. TRC appointed Totara Seed Trust, a local provider, to run the centre and handled the planning and project management.

Fenchurch feedback

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