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Shaping Tāmaki together

Working at TRC means you get to be part of something visionary and pathfinding.  The Tamaki regeneration programme is the first project of its kind in New Zealand, and unique on a global scale. Our goals are ambitious, broad and life-changing.  We aren’t just building 7,500 houses and all the roads, parks and playgrounds that go with that.  We are using the redevelopment as a tool to transform the lives of the people living here, now and for generations to come. 

Our team all share this vision, and our people say that this is one of the best things about working here.  It’s amazing what you can achieve when you are all pulling in the same direction.  Every day we get to witness the changes we are making.   Its inspiring and rewarding to see someone move into their new home, to play a game of 5-aside on a basketball court you helped create, or to attend the graduation ceremony for students who got jobs as a result of opportunities you made happen

When you are at the leading edge of regeneration, you can’t rely on a cookie-cutter approach.  Our team are problem solvers.  We are adaptable, embrace change and are not afraid to try new things.  The freedom to experiment, without the fear of failure, feels great, as does the autonomy and empowerment we give our staff. 

When work is as complex and challenging as ours, you need the strength of a team.  We don’t like egos or lone rangers.  The organisation has a clear structure and it’s easy to know who you need to talk to.  We’re big enough to have a great Christmas party, but small enough that we get stuff done.    

The work is intellectually demanding, but we are supported by the best in the business.  If there are experts you admire in your industry, chances are we’re working with them. We offer a golden opportunity to grow your professional network.

We also offer a golden opportunity for your own growth.  We love people who put their hand up to learn more, try something new, and stretch themselves.  We have an exceptional team of people here who thrive off growing talent.    

We don’t expect our people to fit a particular mould.  We celebrate diversity, individuality and being free to be yourself at work.  Ours is an inclusive workplace where authenticity and integrity are valued. 

And, of course, we get the basics right, you wouldn't work somewhere that doesn't.  We provide flexible working arrangements, competitive remuneration, enhanced leave provisions, a staff wellness programme, and a great work environment – you can even bring your dog. 

But that’s not what makes us different.  When you work at TRC, you get to be part of something extraordinary – shaping the future of Tamaki, here and now. Come join us.   

If you are interested in working with a team of people who are passionate about Tāmaki, please email us your CV