Economic Development

Economic development is an integral part of the regeneration programme. Through our Jobs & Skills Hub, we are equipping Tāmaki people with the skills to enter the workforce and support them in secure jobs. We have supported more than 400 people into employment, and we have a target of helping 770 people into jobs over the next four years. We are also supporting the establishment of local social enterprises that trade goods and services for good  social, environmental, economic, and cultural outcomes.

Economic development priorities include the redevelopment of the Glen Innes and Panmure town centres, delivered in partnership with the Maungakiekie-Tāmaki Local Board and the Auckland Council family. Panuku Development Auckland is leading the redevelopment of the Panmure town centre.

“Our goal is to strengthen the local economy and unlocking the potential of the Tāmaki area to enable a prosperous community.”


Creating quality neighbourhoods will have a positive and substantial impact on the wellbeing of current and future residents. We want to create safe and connected neighbourhoods to support the social and economic development of Tāmaki and its communities. We are working with our partners, including HLC and Auckland Council and the Tāmaki community, to create the strong foundations that will help current and future Tāmaki residents to flourish in a world-class environment.

It is important that regeneration in Tāmaki means the best practice urban design and efficiency. All newly developed neighbourhoods in 2018 have met agreed minimum standards within a Quality Neighbourhood Framework. We work with the community to develop a ‘neighbourhood approach’ to regeneration with continued community involvement and participation before, during and after the redevelopment of a neighbourhood.

As part of our Placemaking strategy, we are helping develop the integrated Tāmaki Early Years Hub which will be an innovative centre for excellence with health and mentoring services for whanau located together in the Derna-Tobruk regeneration neighbourhood in Panmure.

In 2019, we are working on  defining key Placemaking infrastructure and reaffirming our commitment to a quality open space network in Tāmaki. We have removed the housing bordering Maybury Reserve and are are converting it to green space with amenities.

“Our goal is to create safe and connected neighbourhoods that support the social and economic development of Tamaki and its community.”