Paying Your Rent

Making rent payments

Depending on your source of income, there are different ways to set up rent payments:

  • If your rent is paid directly from your benefit or superannuation by the Ministry of Social Development (including Work and Income) you don’t have to do anything as your rent is automatically redirected to Tāmaki Housing.
  • You can ask your employer to deduct your rent from your wages
  • If you are on ACC, you can get your rent paid out of your weekly compensation.

You can also pay by other means: 

  • Automatic payment and internet bill payment:   

Tāmaki Housing is listed as a bill payee for all major banks in New Zealand.  Please select Tāmaki Housing from the list of bill payee options available. Please fill in the payment fields as below:

Particulars: Your last name
Payment type e.g. rent
Your payment reference (this is the same as your HNZ payment reference with a 'T' in front)

  • Pay cash or EFTPOS at any BNZ branch.

You don’t need to fill in a deposit slip if you pay this way. Just let the bank teller know you want to make a deposit to Tāmaki Housing. Make sure you provide them with the details above. You will get a receipt as proof of payment.

What happens if I don’t pay my rent?

It’s really important that you pay your rent on time and don’t get into debt as this can quickly spiral out of control.  Please contact us if you have problems paying your rent. We may be able to refer to you to a budgeting service to help you manage your payments.

If you get behind with your rent payments, we will contact you to discuss the debt and work with you to come up with a plan on how you can to repay it.

Changes to rent

The Ministry of Social Development will review your income-related rent at least once a year.  Changes in your income or circumstances may affect the amount of rent you need to pay.

The Ministry of Social Development will write to you and let you know when they have completed the review. They will then let you know whether your rent will change, and if so, Tāmaki Housing will let you know when it will change.

If you don’t agree with the decision they have made about your rent, you can call them on 0800 673 468 to talk about your concerns.